Banfield Penalty Challenge


An Innovative Digital Transformation Project

  • Banfield Penalty Challenge (BPC) is the first video game developed by a club to date. The project spreads the culture of the team and the city through the most powerful tool of this century, which is digital entertainment.

  • In the video game he focuses on the figure of Edward Banfield, an English engineer who drove the first locomotive in Argentina (La Porteña). Edward will need the player's help to answer questions of general culture, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the club.

  • The studio that carries out the work is Raising Games, with a dynamic team of eight members of project managers, programmers and digital artists. More than 750 hours of work were invested in the development of the game and it is translated into 8 languages.

  • The release date is scheduled for December 2020 on cell phones, Linux, and Windows systems. The download will be free for everyone and those who accumulate the most points will be able to receive prizes throughout 2021.

  • If you want to contact us, use the contact form or write an email to



Players must overcome the challenges in the HQ's.


The final round is played at Peña and Arenales.


The ranking leaders will receive virtual rewards.


The game has 125 unique questions in 8 languages.

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You can make a donation for the development of the Banfield video game through LiberaPay, a secure Open Source Crowdsourcing platform. Thanks for your consideration.


The Banfield Penalty Challenge video game is a unique and original way to connect your brand with a wide audience on various digital platforms. You can contact our sales team using this form.

Release December 2020